About Us - Handyman

Greetings, my name is Gary Dixon and its great to welcome you to my website. In reality I am really a locksmith by trade but I started having a go at building and designing websites some 13 years back. Something of an extreme change it may seem but I fell into it easily and now it simply is "what I do". Whilst in some cases I produce websites merely for fun, I do for sure in addition try to generate a little dough out of it (to cover domain names and so on). To be honest I've found it an interesting challenge, developing strategies and implementing them.

I reckon that I am not the only individual to have gotten infuriated whenever browsing sites by getting constant pop-ups trying to sell me crap I don't need and newsletters I will not look at, nonstop promotions and advertising shoved down my throat which bears no resemblance to what I'm trying to find, and additionally needing to sign up or logon to do pretty much anything whatsoever on most sites. I can guess you feel as I do when the resulting email spam starts showing up and you have to waste your time each day trashing that junk?

This site isn't dynamic so the content will not move around or take an age to load up. You won't be required to login or register and I guarantee you won't get any spammy emails or newsletters. You will find a small amount of promotional material on this website, but it is not rammed down your gullet. And you won't get those ridiculous pop-ups you can't remove.

Straightforward, basic sites have invariably been my goal, displaying pages that are quick to load and don't include junk that you do not need or want. I hope I have accomplished this here or at the very least you have not been unhappy with your time here, perhaps you will even have valued the exercise. If so then I have triumphed in my goal.

I am not actually a handyman myself therefore please do not contact me with any queries relating to handyman or to obtain quotes for handyman assignments, this site is made to steer you through the variety of ways to discover a good handyman by yourself.

I do not endorse or recommend any particular service, I have simply indicated a few options for finding one, the choice is ultimately yours to make.

I hope to to welcome you here again soon and thanks a lot again for your visit.